Welcome to the
East End Regulators
East End Regulators is
one of Long Island's finest 
Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs

We shoot the first Sunday of each month in
Westhampton, NY,
so please check the

"Shoots, Scores & Calendar" page
for details.

Cowboy Action Shooting is a multi-faceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical to those used in the time of the Old West:  single action revolvers, pistol caliber lever action rifles and old time shotguns. The shooting competition is staged in a unique, characterized "Old West" style.  It is a timed sport in which shooters compete for prestige on a course of different shooting stages. 

Upcoming Shoots
  1. Sunday, May 6th
    Start Time: 9am
    Side Match: NONE Location: Pine Barrens Range
  2. Sunday, May 27th
    Start Time: 9am
    Memorial Day Shoot & BBQ Location: Pine Barrens Range
We are located in Suffolk County, NY.  We shoot at the Pines Barrens Range in West Hampton.  Spectators are always welcome and we have eye and ear protection for anyone who wants to stop by. 
Our shoots are on the first Sunday of each month.  


If you wish to join the East End Regulators, please contact Waco Johnny Lane at:   eastendcowboy39@yahoo.com 
The EAST END REGULATORS is a SASS affiliated club (monthly matches are NRA sanctioned) 
To become an East End Regulators (EER) member, please consider the following:
  • Membership in SASS is required
  • NRA membership is recommended, but not required.
  • Applicants must be sponsored by an EER member who is in good standing and has been a member for at least 1 year; the sponsor must be willing to mentor the applicant at the monthly shoots.
  • Applicants are expected to attend at least 2 monthly meetings as well as 2 regular scheduled shoots prior to submitting their application for review by the EER Town Council. 
  • Applicants will be provided with the East End Regulators rules and By-Laws, which must be reviewed and signed by the applicant prior to submitting their application. 
  • Applicants will be asked to demonstrate to a review committee, their proficiency in firearms handling. ​
Recent Videos
  1. Lady Dakota - Stage 9
    2017 Purgatory in the Pines
  2. Steel Rail - Comin Back at Cha
    Motorized Mounted Shoot
  3. The Notch: Hoot-n-Shoot
    Comin Back at Cha